Jason Eustathiou Federal Bmx 2014

Jason is 20 years old and he is from a small city called Volos, he has been on Federal‘s distro team for a couple of years now. He has gained the attention through various edits and from several trips around Greece and abroad. The only thing I can say is that he is really talented and his riding speaks for itself!

Jason moved to Athens a few months ago and we have been filming and taking photos with the rest of the RideOn crew. Rolling around the Greek capital to reach the spots can be exhausting, it is such a big city… Traffic is always an issue and sometimes spot searching can break you.

Jason had everything figured out though, he had already made a list in his head with the spots and the tricks he wanted to throw so he made the task a bit easier!

I want to thank the guys that helped out with the filming- Anas Mansour and Elias Mertis!”

-Ronny Skevis (filmer/editor)

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